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100% web based process of student application for the work and travel program. Connecting ASSE with its 40 partners world wide in a centralized database. Manage the full cycle of student application from forms and document, submission to home land security for visa authorization and collecting payments. Using Radria and agile methodologies this successful 1 year man project had his return on investment in less than a year.




The customer

Aspire Worldwide is part of ASSE International. ASSE became a designated sponsor for the Summer Work Travel Program and the Trainee Program. Aspire Worldwide was founded to promote these programs. The Summer Work Travel Program provides summer employment opportunities to university students in the United States, and the Trainee Program works with recent graduates who spend up to 18 months training in their field in an American corporation or professional/vocational group. While the above programs are separate and completely different entities, they share a common mission and philosophy: To improve understanding among people of different countries through cultural exchange.


The Project


Replace an Excel/Email/Paper student filing process and placement for the work and travel program.

Connect Aspire and its 40 worldwide partners in a centralized the database.


Provide access for employers, students, partners and sponsors of ASSE to share the same information.

Allow partners to sign on in the Aspire Work and Travel database to submit student applications with all the required documents.

Generate invoices and send them to the partners. Record and track payment from the partners.

Automatically submit applications to the US immigration (SEVIS) using secured XML web services and automatically retrieve visa authorization in PDF and attach it to the student profile.

Give students access to their profile for form completion, document upload and job selection.

The students follow a 20-step workflow process where they will be registered by the partner, upload the documents, presented to employers for hiring and submitted paper to the Immigration Department through sevis for approval and invoicing.

Allow employers to review student profiles and access or decline them for the different job position they're offered.


The initial basic version was implemented and in production within 3 months. Most of the development was done incrementally with 1 to 2 months release cycles during the first year.

Following the agile development model using Radria this 1-year development project is still in constant development and quickly adapt itself to market changes and opportunities. 



Thousands of students uses Aspire database every year. The volume of students have increased to more than 100% without additional staff. Thanks to the Agility of Radria's tools ASSE got their return on investment in less than a year.


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